Professionals make earning money easier by building their personal brand. It doesn’t matter what you sell, a strong personal reputation will make selling easier and more profitable for you and your company.


You need to believe in the merits of what you are doing. If there is any moral ambiguity for you in your work, it will be apparent to your customers and prospects. You need to see the good in what you do and how you are helping others.

You will never perform well in your chosen field if you believe deep down that what you are doing is unworthy. Even a lukewarm belief about your work is detrimental to performing with excellence. Embrace the nobility inherent in doing your job well every day. See yourself as moral and honest. See the goodness and the benefit you bring to others whether you work for yourself or someone else. Operating with integrity makes it much easier to see yourself performing honorable work.

To build your personal brand, you need fanatical integrity. A reputation for keeping commitments and following through is a basic building block for successful sales and for growing your customer base through relationships. Make commitments and keep them and you will develop the best reputation and make the most money. Customers make subtle judgments about your trustworthiness all the time. How quickly you return calls, timeliness to meetings, delivering what you promised when you promised; all of these things make a difference in how much your customers trust you. When your customers don’t give it a second thought that you keep your commitments, you are building the best kind of personal brand which is rewarded with strong customer loyalty.

Customers also want hardworking advocates that will make sure they receive the value they were expecting from the product or service that was promised. Was the product or service delivered on time? Was it as expected? Did it perform the way promised? Is the invoice correct? Does it reference the purchase order properly? The list goes on. If there is a problem in your company, don’t have the customer call someone else in your organization. Be the quarterback and run interference. Take care of it. Remove obstacles and make it easy for them to do business with you. Develop a reputation for working tirelessly to deliver the results expected to build your personal brand value.

Customers want an adviser that understands all of their options, not just you’re offering. Understand your competitors and all possible alternatives, including the cost to do nothing. Customers want you to understand their business and their buying criteria. They want help to determine return on investment, alternatives, why they should buy, and other benefits and risks. You need to do the work. The more you do, the less your customer must do and this makes you more valuable and builds your reputation. Build your personal brand as the “go to” person in your industry. Be known as the person to get things done. Make it easy for your customers to do business with you.

Build your brand!