Money is a good measure of how many people you are serving well.
Most of us have been conditioned to believe that business and money are evil, but money is a Certificate of Appreciation from your customers. If you see the nobility in your profession and identify the many people that benefit from your efforts, you will find your work more fulfilling and profitable.


We’ve been programmed to believe that the only way to make money is to take advantage of others. Immoral business leaders exist, but they are the minority. Most wealthy business owners built their businesses and wealth by helping others. The more people they help the more wealth they build.

Whether you work for a Fortune 500 company, a small business, or yourself, your efforts bring value to many stakeholders. You help customers by delivering a quality product or service with a benefit greater than the cost. You help your company to employ more people at a fair wage which enables those employees to take care of their families. Company profits are distributed to stock holders in the form of dividends, often providing income to people that otherwise cannot earn a living. Of course, you are able to provide for your own family as well. All of these are noble benefits from going to work and performing with excellence every day.

Money is a good scorecard for how effectively you are helping others. Let me say that again. Money is a good scorecard for how effectively you are helping others. When you bring value to other people, you will be rewarded. Whether you provide a security system in a home, organic fruits and vegetables at a farmers market, or medical care for indigent patients, you need to understand and embrace the good you are doing. Your enthusiasm will shine through and people will be attracted to you and your company. You will build a brand with your enthusiasm and money will follow.

A personal brand built on integrity and trust is the surest way to build your network, your customer base and your income. Believe in your vocation, your company and yourself while operating with fanatical integrity. If you truly believe you are benefiting others, your work will be more enjoyable and your life will be more fulfilled.