Execute & Improve

Training and Change Management are critical aspects of great execution.

The purpose of this stage is to deliver a training program. During this stage we train and coach the sales teams to enable execution of the sales transformation initiative. This sales transformation is significant as it includes a number of different components all of which can cause disruption in the status quo. A good change management program includes a structured approach to adoption and application with real time metrics to show progress.

The sales Optimizer approach also brings together the best practice concepts of Moneyball and Gamification to create a fun and competitive learning environment while focusing on KPI’s that impact desired behavior, outcomes and results. Our transformation and change management approach starts with initial live workshops to set a foundation and then is followed up over an extended period of time with team coaching sessions focused on key KPI’s and competencies supported with 1-to-1 coaching sessions.

Transformations are difficult because there are a number of key barriers to change management. The following are 4 barriers that need to be addressed through a good change management plan.

The Sales Optimizer approach to training and change management takes all these barriers into consideration in implementing an effective training and change management plan, which starts with the management team.

The program curriculum leverages our core modules but will be customized to the your KPI’s and sales objectives.