1. It is not good for the Day Planner industry.

Think of the jobs that would be lost in companies that provide paper based Day Planners. An added benefit is the number of trees that will continue to be chopped down for paper, clearing the way for more housing developments.

2. Sales Managers will have too much time on their hands.

Sales Managers will not know what to do with themselves when they are no longer spending all of their time pulling together reports and forecasts. How will they avoid coaching and mentoring their staff now?

3. Too easy to share information with others on the team.

Your inside and outside sales teams won’t be able to blame each other for not communicating. They will start working as a seamless team and this provide too much time for them to engage social media while at work.

4. Your company will be able to do more with fewer resources.

CRMs can automate many admin functions and keep all account information in one easy to access place freeing up your existing staff to keep their Facebook and Pinterest pages up to date. You will wind up with higher sales per employee and who wants that kind of performance?

5. No more excuses when you don’t keep your commitments.

CRMs help you organize and track your to do list, meetings, required follow-up, etc. When you slack off it will be because you are slacker, not because you are disorganized. Yikes!

6. You will have a structured sales process.

This would harm the sleep medicine industry.A structured sales process will bring forecast consistency, higher close rates, and reduced ramp up time for new sales reps. No more room for reps that fly by the seat of their pants and cause you to lose sleep at night because you never really know if their pipeline is real or not.

7. Improved insight into pipeline quality and sales activity.

This will really interfere with your sales reps opportunities to tell you a good tale which is their core competency. So why mess with that? Professional sales is all about doing enough of the right things with the right people at the right time. A good CRM provides a salesperson a tool for planning activities and strategy and gives the sales manager a good platform for coaching and accountability, which will in turn drive pipeline quality.

8. The customer intelligence (intellectual property) you paid a salesperson to collect will no longer walk out the door when the salesperson leaves your company.

This makes it too easy for the next account manager to continue the relationship from a position of knowledge and you don’t want that. Make the new account manager get in front of customer and ask all the same questions they have been asked before. After all, don’t we all love to hear ourselves talk? A CRM would keep all of your customer data in a central location and you will always have access to quotes, contacts, account history and more even when the account manager is gone.

9. Visibility will drive responsibility through accountability.

Imagine being able to see what people are responsible to accomplish with a structured tool for accountability. The right things will get done in a timely manner. You may not know what to do with all of your extra time, so why bother?

10. You will have to pay your sales people too much because they are so efficient and successful.

It would be terrible if your salespeople sold twice as much as they are currently selling in the same amount of time. The ability to organize and access their customer information, task lists, meetings, etc. from any computer, tablet or smartphone will make them entirely too efficient. You would have to pay more in commissions and hire people to execute what they sell and who wants that hassle?

I have seen too many companies become wildly successful by properly configuring and implementing a CRM system that drives visibility, accountability and results. It requires a commitment to change management so it is not for the faint of heart, but well worth it when done properly. Nevertheless, you now have 10 good reasons to avoid it.

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